What is Orientation to Homestay?

Two days before your university class or program’s start date, you will first come to the Right at Home Homestay office for Orientation to Homestay. Orientation appointments are available Monday-Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. — your choice. Special orientation appointments can be arranged for $50.00.

During orientation, you will meet the Homestay Coordinator, pay your Homestay Fee, present your valid passport with visa, and sign a Homestay Agreement. Before accessing your host's Internet, you will need to sign the Internet Agreement Form.

Your host will come to the office to pick you up with your luggage and take you to your homestay.

When you arrive in your homestay, your host will introduce you to the family, give you a house key, explain the household rules, and share all personal contact information (i.e. street address; home, cell, and work phone numbers; email addresses, etc.).

Your host will help you with transportation on your first day of class.