Host Information

Hosting foreign university students is a calling. You may be wondering if it’s for you.

Long-time hosts see how their families benefit. Their children learn to interact with the students with ease. They thrive on the attention and become confident and comfortable living with diversity. Families learn how foreign families are different—and the same. Hosts with no children, enjoy the companionship of their students and the broadening of their interests. Hosts are influential in a way that is both life-changing (for you and the students) and world-impacting.

Living together provides opportunities to share experiences and viewpoints in everyday, non-threatening ways—over dinner, during TV commercial breaks, and attending neighborhood cultural events. You’ll try new foods and listen to different music. You’ll come to see OUR world in refreshing ways. Your influence will be felt in corners of the world you may never visit.

This video will give you a feel for what is involved in hosting.

Watch it. Gather your questions. We can schedule a call to see if hosting is for you and your family.

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