About Right At Home Homestay

Seth and Anne CohenFor about 25 years, my husband Seth and I have welcomed international students and scholars a lot like you to Philadelphia. Seth and I are delighted to share our love for Philadelphia with you. Imagine learning and growing in our vibrant city, where there are always things to do and places to explore, from history and culture, to sports and entertainment.

Our caring and helpful homestay team has selected engaging and warm host families who can’t wait to open their homes to you. They value learning about your culture and helping you understand theirs as they help you with your English.

As owners of Right at Home Homestay, your experience is important to us! Together with our team, we welcome you to the Right at Home Homestay family.

Now take a deep breath, relax, and be comfortable. We want you to feel right at home in your homestay.

Anne Cohen
Right at Home Homestay, LLC.

Meet your Homestay Team

Lyn and Tim NewbranderFrom the day you apply for a homestay until the day you leave, Tim and I (Lyn) are your primary contact as the Coordinators. I know first-hand how nervous you might be about the process.

"Who will be my host? How do I get to the office from the airport? What if I need help during my stay?"

I have years of experience facilitating all aspects of your homestay, and I'm here to help—from that first email until you move out. My husband and I lived abroad for many years, so we understand that you might need a few extra explanations, or didn’t find your answer on the website.

So feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help make you feel right at home!

Lyn & Tim Newbrander
Homestay Coordinators

Tom and Janet NygrenWe came to Philadelphia with a desire to get to know international students, after living and working overseas. As an English as a Second Language instructor, I (Tom) have gotten to know many students over the years. Growing up overseas myself, I know what it's like to adjust to the US as an international student, and Janet and I are looking forward to helping you adjust to your new homestay. Both of us have traveled the world extensively and made our home in Pakistan and Malaysia. We enjoy meeting each of you, learning about your cultures, customs and food. We look forward to welcoming you and are here to help!

Tom and Janet Nygren

Linda ViscontiAs a former school director and ESL instructor, working with Homestay has allowed me to use my passion for teaching and learning in an exciting new way. I started as a Homestay host and learned from YOU as I experienced cultures from all over the world coming to my home!

Now I am pleased to be able to use those years of experience to help hosts and students through the Homestay process, as students enter into homes where they and their hosts will learn about and teach one another. I am here to answer any questions you may have as you learn to be "right at home" in your new home. I cannot wait to welcome you to Philadelphia!

Linda Visconti

Anne and Bruce McDowellWe have been hosting international students for years and have loved every minute of it. We have traveled the globe and have also spent many years of our lives living overseas. As a result, we enjoy meeting new people from around the world and learning their languages, cultures, customs and foods. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with the stellar hosts and students at Right at Home Homestay, and we are looking forward to meeting you too!

Anne & Bruce McDowell