Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the food be like?

    Homestay students eat their host’s normal food. It is difficult to define typical American food since the United States is made up of so many different cultures. However, you will enjoy a much wider variety of fresh, healthful foods than simply American “fast food.” Also, most Americans enjoy food from around the world and look forward to trying the food from your country.

  • If I have restrictions on what I can eat, can I have a homestay?

    Almost always, yes. Simply state your needs on your Application and we will discuss it with your host when we assign you to that home. For special requests, see the Guidelines for Accommodating Dietary Restrictions.

  • How can I eat my non-homestay meals?

    At your request, your host will provide space to store your personal food for lunches and non-homestay dinners. You may also use a designated microwave to heat food when the host is not serving a family-style dinner. In addition, the Philadelphia area is full of delightful, inexpensive restaurants and food trucks of every variety designed for busy students. You may eat in one of the fabulous area restaurants or use a take-out service and enjoy your meal in the host family kitchen.